A.I and robots with Grant

New technology is everywhere. It’s evolving faster and faster each passing day. A lot of people are scared of the fact that it’s advancing. These people are okay with the way we are. Though, on the flip side, some people aren’t scared. They want to see the future advance. They want to see robots roam the cities and teleportation. But here is the question that we should all ask ourselves; should we be scared of the robot invasion everybody is scared of? Or should we be excited to see robots take over and let us relax?

We maybe scared at the fact that the same robot that built your dream car could turn around and walk into your house without notice, it’s purely fiction. Mainly, this is because these robots aren’t programmed with A.I. but rather just a few lines of code and some circuit boards. A.I. stands for artificial intelligence, which means it’s able to learn like us. So, it’s simple, they won’t storm in and rob you of your lives, but will forever make cars.

A.I on the other hand is a different story. There has already been reports of A.I. learning (google’s “Quick, Draw!”) and A.I. destroying anti-robot programs, like reCAPTCHA and CAPTCHA. We should be scared of this destroying other programs on your computer and phone but or simply making an account in seconds to send spam mail to your email address.

We already see a lot of robots and artificial intelligence, whether we know it or not. Robots and A.I. not the same, but do come together to make Artificially Intelligent Robots (which will be referenced as A.I.R.). A.I.R. are like humans, except they have gears and circuit boards which control it. Their brains may not be real, but they can still express emotion and learn. If they were programmed to know basic commands (walking, talking, etc.) and have the ability to learn, they could act like a human. Though, they will never be classified as a human.

So why is everybody scared of a robot invasion? Well, to simply put it; people who are scared of the robot invasion are scared of nothing. If we simply put a little “manual off switch” and shut down every single A.I.R. with the press of a button, we could save humanity. A.I.R. could also be programmed to not learn, though that would just make them somewhat less intelligent, it could also stop a robot invasion.



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