Being in a relationship vs. being single during the holidays

The holiday season has quickly approached us and I could not be more relieved. The two hour delays get rolling, and even a full day off if we are lucky. Hallmark Christmas movies are streaming through my house no matter what time of the day, there’s usually always some sort of cookie in the oven, I’m sending my christmas list to all my family members, hiding our Elf on the Shelf for my little brother & sister, I’m pretty much living the life. The only thing I’m missing: a boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, there can be perks about being single over the long holiday stretch of winter. The main reason for me being I don’t need to spend insane amount of money on someone I’m either going to break up or get married to. Okay that sounded slightly bitter, but when you are reminded every day how single you really are, you just can’t help it.

There is also the aspect that you can spend more time with family and friends; which is so important during the holidays. You can spontaneously go on something as big as a trip, or even as small as a coffee date with your best friend, and not owe anyone an explanation. (Except maybe your mother, respectfully.)

While there are the perks, there are the disadvantages. One being like me for example, when you go to the movie theaters with your mom and little sister to see a nice, family movie. You take a glance around and every seat is a couple. Every. Single. Seat. Ages ranging from believe it or not, 12 to 75 give or take. I looked for a spare seat with mom and sister following my trail, and I was shaking my head. This really did remind me how single I was.

You scroll through instagram to see couples kissing under a mistletoe, or giggling with each other and you give it a double tap so people don’t think you’re as bitter as you really. But let’s be real, there’s so much more to life than just being in a relationship. Sure, it’s fun while it last, and you can never complain about always having someone to talk to and go to with your problems, but maybe sometimes you need to be that person for yourself.

Before I started writing this I told myself to keep a level mind about this and not get all salty and bitter about relationships, but here we are. To keep this article going straight and fair, I decided that I have to see from both sides of the spectrum.

I asked my best friend, Laura Sheaffer, who has been in a relationship for almost two years (May God bless her), what is it really like to have a boyfriend over the holiday season. Here’s what she had to say about:

“It’s definitely fun to have someone to watch sappy Hallmark Christmas movies, bake cookies, and walk through the lights with you even if he doesn’t want to. We set price limits so we aren’t actually breaking bank for each other.”

From what I’ve seen from most couples, just simply having someone during the holidays is the best part. Which I do understand. It’s nice to always have someone to talk to and go on small adventures with, I truthfully do understand that.

So we have seen the side of happy, in-love couples during the holiday season. But there are definitely people on the way other end. I picked another one of my best friends, Wade Fisher, who just so happens to be single over this holiday stretch.

I started asking him, Would you consider yourself a bitter single?

-“…A bitter single? No, I don’t think so. Not bitter, just under appreciated”

What do you think the best perk about being single during the holidays is?

-“Being able to spend money on myself. Treat yourself. You’re not as busy, you know? More time to yourself.

What is the biggest disadvantage to being single?

-”Being lonely and jealous, honestly. You can’t brag about, no bragging factor. Also, you can’t post about them on social media.”

So do you think you will bring in the new year with a special someone?

-”One can only hope. ;)”
Yes, he did make me add that winky face.

Maybe being single isn’t as bad as we think. And maybe being in a relationship isn’t as bad as we think. It’s all about keeping an open mind and just enjoying the short years of your teenage life. It’s as easy as that. Embrace this holiday season, whether in a relationship, or single. Hang out with your family and friends, bake a few cookies, watch a Hallmark movie (even though some can be awful), and everything in between.  


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