Calling all Demigods

annabeth and percyUnfortunately for the readers of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the movie adaptation of the books were, well, trash. But have no fear, a group of young teens from Massachusetts have taken it into their own and are giving this iconic series justice. Erika Jolie, now a sophomore and starring as Annabeth Chase, had the idea to make the webseries two summers ago when she reread the books. In a phone interview with Erika, she told me, “I  saw this other Percy Jackson webseries out there… and I just wanted to make my own…” Writing, directing, finding locations, and prepping everyone is not easy task, but Erika takes it on headfirst. Of course, with any successful series like this there is always more happening behind the scenes. Knowing this Erika said, “I have tons of help on set and I would never be able to do it without them.” group percy jackson in camp-halfbloodSince I have no experience with what a filming day would be like, I get talked through the whole process. Erika start with finding the location, then once the cast is there, “We go through lines a couple of times, because nobody has their lines memorized,” she laughed at the memories, “and then we film.” With a close on this season’s filming, fans can only ask what’s next? Without giving up too much information, she did say that season 2 will be “based on Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian, there is going to be lots of Peracabeth.”  group percy jacksonBecause Erika directs the series and because she she is a teenager, she faces some stress. How did she handle it and her school work? “I guess I just pushed through because I knew how much I loved making the series and how important it was to me and the people who watched it.” The future is a scary thing to face but Erika seemed calm when she gave me her answer on future plans. ” I honestly have no idea as of right now. I would like to do something in the entertainment industry…but if that doesn’t work then something in math.” Bottom line, Erika Jolie has built a series out an idea, some friends, and some good books. The thing that I learned from talking with Erika is that if you want to do something, go after it, don’t hesitate. 


To check out this amazing webseries, go to


All images taken from the percyjackson.webseries Instagram


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