Best Memes of 2017

     This year, we have had our highs and lows. But we can all agree that we have had some pretty spectacular memes. The only reason that I survived through the year is because of stellar meme content. So even if you have a bad year, hopefully these will cheer you up and give you some hope.

Here is the unofficial official ranking of the memes of 2017:

*disclaimer, I randomly placed the memes so they aren’t in order of greatness
*also sorry if your favorite memes didn’t make the list

  1. Distracted Boyfriend


Started as a stock photo; turned into a meme sensasion. It’s not surprising that the internet quickly took advantage of a photo of a guy with his girlfriend checking out another girl.


  1. Mocking SpongeBob


SpongeBob, ever the meme supplier, was once in a bizarre episode acting like a chicken. Though, whenever you slap on a mocking statement with random capitalization, it is golden.


  1.   Snapchat Hot Dog


what has the world come to


  1.   Nothing but respect for MY President


After some controversy of the Presidency, many took their opinions to the streets of Hollywood, showing respect for their real “president”.


  1.   Increasingly Verbose


I don’t really know how to explain this one


  1. Obama and Joe


In the White House, Obama and Joe Biden were the dream team; people soon took advantage of their friendship and made it comedy gold. Honestly, I dream for a relationship like that.


  1. What in Tarnation??


This one, i have to say, is my favorite. All you have to do to make this meme is: find something that rhymes with tarnation, and put a cowboy hat on it. Genius.

  1.   You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf….


Here’s a festive one that is perfect for this holiday season. If you’re ever feeling sad this Christmas, think of this meme.

  1. Salt Bae


I’m not even sure who this man is….. But he has definitely warmed our hearts. Or should I say SEASONED our hearts…. Ok I’ll go home


  1. Meryl Streep Singing


Meryl Streep is not only a great actress, but is perfect for memes. This one’s for you Meryl

That’s All!

Let’s hope for more glorious memes in the future.



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