Greenwood’s NHS ceremony

By: Sam Loy


On May 19, 2016, Greenwood High School held it’s annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for members joining the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, and the French National Honor Society.

In all  27 members joined Spanish NHS, 3 joined French NHS, and 27 were inducted into the National Honor Society. The night was peppered with multiple student speakers including Kevin Sheaffer’s opening address, Adrik Woodard on scholarships, Hannah Bryners views on service, Libby Baker’s experience with leadership, and Harlie Strohm’s raw view on character.

Members were introduced with a short biography, and were then presented before the audience. Greenwood’s Jazz band performed, and the ceremony was concluded with light refreshments and pictures all under an hour.




Summer Saving

By:  Samuel Loy

summer job
Summer is one of the best times to get a job for high school/college students

Summer is a great time to relax, spend time with friends, and do the things teenagers do during a break. However, more and more students are choosing to spend their summer saving money for college or one of the many other aspects of life that requires money. As a junior who has begun the college process, I decided to look into some of the most popular jobs among high school and college students.

While central Pennsylvania might not offer the largest array of fun and exciting jobs, it is a crock pot of simple jobs that fit into most schedules. Landscaping is a popular summer job, since it pays decently well ($11.41 per hour according to, and allows a worker to spend a majority of their time outside. Lifeguard, camp counselor, or helping out around a farm are other jobs that many high school students take up over the summer.

Once you reach college, the job pool starts to open up a little more. Bar tending (for those of age) is one of the most popular jobs among college students due to good tips and an integration into campus nightlife. Listening to people at a bar not your thing? Maybe try fitness training. At $14.95 an hour it pays well and is easy work for those with patience and a little fitness know-how. If you’re not really a people person, animal shelters hire many teenagers. While the pay is minimum wage, pet fans will feel right at home.

Working with animals can provide a rewarding job for some individuals

Getting a jump start on saving money for college is a smart investment. Student loans, books, food, personal care, and gas can really add up for the unprepared student. Setting aside a little of each paycheck during junior and senior year of high school allows a little elbow room once you reach college. Scholarships and financial aid can help out as well, with many colleges willing to help you out.

If you can recognize and avoid the pitfalls of student loans, credit card debts, and other money-sucking items, providing yourself with money in college will be a lot easier.

HISTORY of sweatpants

By: Sam Loy

Camuset emile
Emile Camuset of Le Coq Sportif

Sweatpants. Comfortable, flexible, easier to put on than real pants. Sweatpants are an invention that has blessed mankind since the early 1920’s. Worn all around the world under different names (such as trackpants, tracksuit bottoms, jogging bottoms, trackies, and tracky daks) sweatpants are one of the most popular pieces of clothing. They were first introduced in 1920 by Émile Camuset of Le Coq Sportif. In the modern era however, sweatpants serve as a vital part of athlete’s wardrobes. In order to keep warm on chilly days, sweatpants have been adopted by many professional and amateur sports teams as part of the official wear of the team. Even in the Olympics, sweatpants are worn by athletes from a multitude of countries.But professionals aren’t the only ones with sleek uniforms. Sweatpants sales by Hudson Bay to its customers actually help sponsor the athletes of Team Canada. Below is a series of pictures showing sweatpants through the ages.

A French Olympic team member in Le Coq Sportif Clothing
sweatpants 1
US Olympic Team Members in 1960
sweatpants 1964
“Track Pants” worn by athletes in 1964
Mike Eruzione’s 1980 'Miracle on Ice' game worn jersey and winning goal scoring stick bring $920,000+, leading $1.4+ million Eruzione Collection, at Heritage Auctions
1980 Ceremony USA Olympic Team Sweatsuit
sweatpants 2012
2012 Olympics, Beijing, Team China Sweatsuit

College poll: Stress?

By:  Sam Loy


I recently visited Bridgewater College. While there, I took the opportunity to ask the college students what they disliked the most about college life.

Most students disliked studying the most, with attending class and supporting themselves tied for second, and living with roommates in last. This data doesn’t surprise me, considering that many of the college students I have had contact with said that studying causes the most stress. Similar results are shown among high school students. wrote an article saying that full schedules and academic pressure causes stress for most high school students.

Many students face pressure to get good grades.

I personally believe that many students love learning, but dislike the way the education system forces them to learn. Adding to stress of students is the expectation of getting into a good college, and with good colleges being expensive, meeting certain standards of success set by a student’s parents or guardians. This all culminates into a heavy load many teenagers carry over their heads. A simple fix would be to limit the influence of standardized testing, but the competitive aspect of school will be near Impossible to eliminate.

Standardized testing remains a hot topic.

When questioned about the most stressful part about his high school experience, Greenwood Student Tyus Yeingst shared that he believed homework was the most stressful part about high school. With many students cramming information into their brains in order to memorize it for a test, only to forget it later, many people are questioning how much the education system today really helps prepare students for life. As Ralph Waldo Emmerson once said, “We are students of words:  we are shut up in schools, and colleges, and recitations-rooms for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bag of wind, a memory of words, and do not know a thing.”



By: Sam Loy

Greenwood FFA recently had Seven students attend the State Legislative Leadership Conference learn about the process of bills in the Pennsylvania system.

Greenwood FFA received a personal tour, seeing parts of the building not open to the public

Above 400 students were split into a Senate and a House and then again into  minority and majority sections. Here, the students amended and discussed real Pennsylvania bills over the course of the three day conference. Greenwood’s FFA Chapter also received a special tour from Representative Mark Keller’s secretary, Ms. Kori Weikle, and saw parts of the capitol building rarely opened to the public. Overall, the State Legislative Leadership conference was a valuable and interesting experience for any individual interested in the legislative system of Pennsylvania.

This skylight is designed by Pennsylvania Native Alfred Godwin and overlooks the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Room



PRICE of prom

By: Sam Loy

Students are getting more creative with their “Promposals”

Dresses, suites, limos, flowers, and after parties. High school Prom is extremely different than awkward middle school dances in a gym. But how much money is actually spent on Prom by teens? In a recent survey done by Visa, they looked at the amount of money, on average, spent by homes with teens on Prom and Prom related activities. Starting out the list, $324 was spent on promposals (a name given to elaborate invitations people receive to go to prom with someone) alone. $919 will be spent on the rest of prom, with expenses going towards clothes, flowers, etc. Regionally, northeastern families spend about $150 to $200 more than any other region of the united states. Without careful planning, Prom expenses can quickly get out of hand. To avoid unnecessary expenses try renting or borrowing a tux or dress, split the cost of a limo with other couples, have a friend or department store makeup artist help you with your makeup, and find a willing parent to take photos instead of paying for a professional.

Typical white limo


Soft Robots

By: Sam Loy

Common idea of a Robot

Robots have been around for about 60 years. In this time, they have been portrayed as metallic beings with buzzy personalities who are personified as threatening in many popular sci-fi movies. However, the field of robotics is changing. Scientists now are turning away from the idea that robots must be stony sentinels and, instead, are creating “soft” robots that resemble animals. These little guys are given jobs, such as exploring underwater caves and tunnels, making delicate items, and working in more family-friendly environments. Soft robots aren’t designed for factories or assembly lines; instead, they focus on helping humans in their workplaces. They even look cute. It’s hard to imagine a little metal octopus trying to destroy the human race.

Soft robot
A “soft” robot

COST of the new year

COST of the new year

By:  Sam Loy

new years.jpg

The festivities of New Year’s in Times Square began in 1904. 102 years later the festivities are going strong. Champagne is served, parties are held, and one of the biggest celebrations in the world takes place, all in Times Square. Among these festivities is the annual ball drop, viewed by somewhere around a billion people on TV alone. When the ball reaches its end and the New Year begins, 3,000 pounds of confetti will be released from rooftops and shower the onlookers. $44,970.00 is spent on this confetti alone. Prefer calm over the anarchy of the crowds? You can pay $799 for VIP seating at The Counter, which includes an open bar. However, you will have to view the ball drop on TV, since you can’t actually see the ball from The Counter, or any other restaurant open for that matter. A few hours later, close to 40 tons of trash will need to be cleaned up, and 150 workers provided with compensation for their work.


Donations during Christmas

Donations during Christmas

By:  Sam Loy


Humans typically want to look out for each other. In fact, $358 billion dollars were donated to charities and nonprofits in 2014. But where does all this money really go? Looking the top salaries of CEO’s in these nonprofit organizations and charities, the numbers can be surprising. Going eleven years strong, the CEO of UNICEF comes in with the highest paying salary per year, at $1,200,000, meaning only $0.14 of every dollar goes towards the cause. In second is The American Red Cross, with their CEO making $651,957 per year (plus expenses). This means about $0.39 goes towards helping others. The third highest paid CEO of a nonprofit was United Way, making $375,000 per year, lifetime use of two golf courses, a yacht club membership, and 3 Major company gold credit cards, averaging $0.51 per dollar. Rounding out the top four is World Vision, with their own CEO making $300,000, with an included fully paid house with complete luxury furnishings. About $0.52 of every dollar is donated. These sums seem like a lot, but what CEO of a charity or nonprofit got the least? The Salvation Army’s Commissioner makes $13,000 per year for running the 2 Billion dollar organization. This means out of every dollar, $0.93 is donated towards charity. Maybe next time you slip a dollar to the nice old man ringing the bell, you’ll be able to appreciate what he is doing a little more.

salvation 2

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