Does this thing really work?: Wubble bubble ball


“So what makes the Wubble bubble ball so special? It’s made from top-secret super-thermo-stretch-tacular stuff that makes it squishy, squashy, super soft and lightweight and allows it to be inflated to a gigantic THREE FEET TALL. […] The best part is that the Wubble is fun to play with indoors or outdoors, all year round.” This is how the Wubble Bubble Ball website opened, so I thought, you know what, let’s do it. 

Instead of getting this 3 foot ball, I myself, bought the ‘tiny’ version. The big ball costs anywhere from $8.99 – $19.99 without shipping and the tiny one is between $3.99 and $9.99 without shipping. I have played with both and honestly I have got to say that they are worth the money.

This bubble-like-ball is quick to blow up and extremely fun to play with. The large ball takes about 25 minutes to blow to its full size using the helium can and the tiny ball takes about 10 minutes or so using the blow tool. Before you can blow them up you have to put petroleum jelly on the hole and maneuver the selected blow up device in it, but after fighting it for a little while, I got the hang of it.

When it finally came to actually playing with the ball it was fantastic. This ball worked just like the website bragged it would! It floated around like a bubble but it didn’t pop and was more latex-feeling than anything. It was light weight and easy to throw, floating through the air like a bubble. I also may have thrown it at my almost-two-year-old nephew’s face and he just laughed and ran after it. This proves that the ball is fun for all ages. He’s two and loved it and I’m nineteen and loved it. I did find that if the ball is not blown up to it’s full capacity, wherever it’s not stretched due to being blown up, the ball will tend to fall in that area due the heavier weight in that place. Another little downfall of this ball is that the latex is a little tacky because it is stretched so far.

All in all though, this ball is extremely entertaining. You even get a pretty decent amount of excercise and laughs for only $19.99+ shipping and handling.

by: lyssa foreman


Does this thing really work?: spray paint nail polish


“Nailing a manicure no longer requires precision. The revolutionary Paint Can is the fastest way to get perfectly polished nails. This new and never seen before technique applies polish evenly and efficiently – no steady hand required.” the website states.

When I ordered this product online to try it cost about $12.00 for the can and $8.00 for the 2-in-1 base/top coat. This is without shipping however.

First, (as the pictures indicate above), I put on one coat of the provided 2-in-1 base/top coat and in the meantime shook the polish can as you would spray paint. Next, I sprayed the polish onto my nails from about 6 inches away, let it dry for a while, and put on the top coat. I let that dry *completely* like the directions say and then dunked my hands in a bowl of warm soapy water and the surrounding polish came right off.

I will tell you that when you’re using the polish spray it smells VERY strongly. There is no mistaking that you are using nail polish and you should definitely keep a window open or a fan on as to air out the room as your doing it. Other than that I don’t really have any negative feelings toward this product. $12.00 is a little steep for nail polish in my opinion, but to try something knew I guess it’s okay. I am hoping that I get as much use if not more out of this can than I would a regular $4-$9 bottle of polish. It didn’t effect the polish on my nails whatsoever when cleaning the polish off of my skin and that was definitely a plus. I have got to mention that this is probably the fastest drying polish that I have ever used.

So, would I recommend this product? Definitely, yes. It is a fast and easy way to paint your nails and get going. It’s easy clean up and the paint job is quality.



by: lyssa foreman

Full or not full enough?

As prom season rolls around there are always the questions about what nails to get, how to do your hair, what color tie to get, and so on. But what about the most important question? Is the food going to be good? 

This year at prom we will be having a meal rather than just hors d’oeuvres. Personally, I would prefer the hors d’oeuvres, as would 40% of the 100 people I tallied. I, along with other students I talked to, think that having a meal is just too much. It can be time consuming and makes you feel heavy, tired, or even just too full.

The other 60%  would prefer this tiring and heavy meal. “Between getting my hair and nails done, and putting on makeup and my dress it becomes something I don’t have time for.” one student said. “I agree. I won’t have time to eat between getting ready and going to get pictures taken. A meal is just easier,” another girl added in.


So what do you think? Would you prefer a meal so that you won’t have to eat before you go or after it’s over? Or are you one of those people who can multitask and get the job done before you go?

Image found on google images.


by: lyssa foreman

Glam from the past

As everyone knows prom is quickly approaching! The boys must get their tux’s, ties, shoes, and corsages just as the girls must get their dresses, boutonnieres, accessories, and hair, nails, and make-up done. All of this spending of money and buying of things leads up to this one important night- the night in the garden, or by the sea, or whatever the theme this year is. I don’t know about you, but one of the most important things about prom for me is the pictures I end up with by the next day. And this is exactly what I wanted to share with all of you. I talked to some of our most beloved teachers and asked them to share their prom pictures and experiences with you!

(Guess who each one is and check your answers when you reach the bottom of the article!)


mr kuhns
This guy still lingers around Greenwood and is proud to say that 31 years later and he and his date are still happily together!
This stunning girl, is still this gorgeous as well as definitely one of the funniest most down to earth teachers we have at Greenwood. “We’re still together all these years later,” she said with a huge smile.
mr. nastasi
This guy is relatively new to Greenwood, but the name is familiar to us all!
This lovely lady still brings rayo de sol into a room when she smiles!
“My senior prom was really cool. When I was a senior at East Juniata in 1996, I would frequently visit my older brother, Rob, at Penn State on the weekends. During those weekend visits I met Ami, a sophomore student at Penn State who was a friend of Rob’s. Ami and I hit it off pretty well and eventually I found the courage to ask her to my senior prom. I’m pretty sure I was the coolest guy there because no one else showed up with a college sophomore for a date!” Can you guys tell who this “coolest guy” is by his story or his looks?
This one is pretty easy considering he still looks this young! Can you believe it was 16 years ago?
All smiles here are this teacher and her best friend at Newport’s prom even though they are Greenwood graduates.
Another beautiful bonus from our first couple!


This sleek beauty, still looks much the same and is very important to making our proms a success.


“Glenn and I at Junior Prom 1994. I am not sure what we were thinking between my hair, my glasses, his mustache and his haircut! Wow! Senior prom was even worse!” Are you able to decipher those curls and that smile from this pretty lady?
Can you guess who this red headed beauty is? She definitely knows how to use her words here in Journalism.
With the name of a Disney princess how couldn’t you figure out who this crazy one is?
Still bright and crazy to this day, this gorgeous girl runs between the high school and elementary sharing her fun personality with everyone!






Ready to see if you knew who everyone was?

1. Mr. and Mrs. Kuhns at junior prom  /  2. Mrs. Pontius and her husband  /  3. Mr. Nastasi and date  /  4. Mrs. Pedrick and friend.  /  5. Mr. Jonathan “Coolest Guy At Prom” Watts and date   /  6. Mr. Everett and his wife.  /  7. Mrs. Nastasi and best friend.   /  8. Bonus of the Kuhns’ at senior prom.  /  9. Ms. Kerstetter and best friend.  /  10 . Mrs. Seibert and Glenn   /  11. Miss Burton and friends  /  12. Miss Slingwine  /  13. Mrs. Comp and date

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The Big Bagel

2016-03-20 01.50.52 2-2
Photos property of Lyssa Foreman

In one short months time, a normal corner bagel shop has gone from a small city business to tourist hot spot. ‘The Bagel Store’ in downtown Brooklyn is selling rainbow bagels, a hot new trend hitting the internet. The rainbow bagel was first introduced online through Instagram- the social networking photo app- but was discovered by many through INSIDER’s ‘How “Rainbow Bagels” are made’. Creator Scot Rossillo first made these bagels 20 years ago stating, “It is a true labor of passion and art.” With only two people expertly rolling these rainbow halos, it’s a very time consuming process.

So what’s so good about these colorful creations? This weekend, I hit the Brooklyn streets to find out. The Bagel Store is located on the corner of South 4th and Bedford Avenue, in what seems to be a generally quiet section of town. When we arrived at 2:10 p.m. there was already a line of people wrapped around inside and out the front door- but it didn’t end there. The line continued on around the side of the building about 20 feet or more. As we waited and waited groups of people left all together forgetting completely about that glorious rainbow bagel end point. But not us; or the guys behind us. We finally got to the outside of the front door at 3:16 p.m. and could barely stand the 30 degree weather anymore. “I have been working here for 3 years! 3 years – and now you guys are lining the street just to get in the door for these bagels!” employee Ross shouted as he walked out the door to invite us inside.

Once inside he snaked us around the little shop to fit as many people as possible then introduced us to all of The Bagel Store’s creations; The St. Party’s Day Bagel (a yellow, green and white marbled bagel, infused with Jameson Whisky), Purple Haze (a purple and pink marbled bagel with black cherry flavor), The Crystal Meth (inspired by the show Breaking Bad, blue bagel flavored with blueberry) and so many more. They also had a variety of plain type bagels, breakfast items and at least 20 flavors of cream cheese. It was insane. It took another 45 minutes to spiral through the inside and finally get our bagels, which ended up all being rainbow because they ran out of the other cool types and flavors before we got ours. We ended up finally getting out of there at 4:35 more excited than ever.

When we arrived home that evening we opened the bag containing this holy grail of a bagel and it was everything I didn’t imagine. Have you ever thought something was so amazing that when you finally got it, it wasn’t all that you hoped for? That’s what this was like. I knew it was just a bagel, but from watching @BFVSGF [on YouTube] and many other people review it, I was expecting a little more. It’s definitely a dessert bagel or snack bagel rather than breakfast. The actual dough is sweeter than a normal bagel dough and a different chew. The cream cheese filling is a mixture of funfetti cake mix, cream cheese, and sprinkles and is sooo sweet I almost didn’t want any more after I ate the first half.

Overall, it was delicious, but too sweet for my personal liking. Was it worth the almost 3 hour wait? Definitely. Now I can say I got Brooklyn’s famous rainbow bagels.


To be or not to be.. a twin

FB_IMG_1457442776590.jpgAccording to a study in 2012, the number of twins in the United States is multiplying. As far as Greenwood is concerned, however, numbers are decreasing with each graduation. Thus, everyone was thrilled when we got a new set this year, Mark and Paul Pollock.

The family of eight decided to move to our rural community from New Jersey because it was always a dream of their mother’s to live on a farm and thought here seemed just right. Their other siblings include John, Kristen, Scott and Jack, but none of them are twins. Mark is the oldest of the pair but Paul drives most often. And contrary to popular belief, the boys do not share clothes which actually helps all of us in the long run. ( Even though most of us differentiate them by their shoes or facial features.)

They say they get called each other’s name 50-100 times a day and even their parents have mixed them up before! With the new filter options on Snapchat, they both firmly believe they would not look like themselves if they switched faces, but we’re all waiting on proof. Other than faces, they have never switched places to complete a test, chores, or any other tasks such as those. Most people think twins are telepathic, but Mark and Paul agree that they can’t sense when the other one is upset or read each other’s minds. They also mentioned that they do not have their own language like many believe about twins.

Paul said as far as extra-curricular activities are concerned, he is a counselor at New Buffalo Alliance Day Camp and they both attend Youth Group on Wednesdays. They work together at Giant and say they love it because it is easier than dealing with other people. This fall, they plan to attend Pensacola Christian College in Florida, and they even have each other picked as one of their roommates. They admitted that people seeing them as twins and not as just who they are gets annoying because they want to be seen as just Mark or just Paul, not the twins. Paul also revealed that, “Having a twin is cool. It’s like getting to be with your friend all the time.”

Hopefully, for people who don’t know them very well, they will a little better now and maybe even finally see them as just Mark and just Paul.


by: Lyssa Foreman

Hannah and Chase 💚

Chase Stalvey and Hannah Bryner have been together for 7 months. The magic all started when they attended prom, says Hannah, but Chase says it was mostly through FFA. After a long time of friendship, their first date was to Pizza Hut where they split a large pizza and fought about who got the last big piece. Afterwards they finished off with some Sweet Frog. Chase’s favorite thing about Hannah is her caring personality and the good times they have together. Hannah’s favorite thing about him is how he lights up a room when he walks in. If they got a pet together, they were ecstatic when they both said it would be a teacup pig! Hannah said they would name it Izzy (or Rihanna, Chase said) just like the stuffed teacup pig Chase got her for Christmas. If they described their relationship as candy, Chase said they would be Starburst because they’re a lot of fun.  In the opinion of Chase, love is having a true connection with someone and Hannah said love is when you say sorry without thinking twice, and always putting the other person before themselves. Hannah said her favorite date they’ve gone on was to Texas Roadhouse where they jammed to music and had fun during their two hour wait, and Chase said his favorite date is “April 25th because it’s not too hot, not too cold; all you need is a light jacket.”  For Valentines Day they plan to go see “The Choice” when they get home from ACES.

by: Lyssa Foreman



Noah and Eve 💜

This weekend is Valentine’s Day weekend, which, of course, means lovey-dovey couples, chocolate, teddy bears with hearts on them, and everything red, pink and purple. One thing that we like to do around Valentine’s Day here at Greenwood is talk to our couples and see just what they love about each other and what they are doing for this special weekend. Once again, Eve and Noah are celebrating happier than ever. We talked to them last year (and that post can be found here: ), so this year we decided to make their interview a little different and add some new and improved questions.

To start off this interview, of course, we had to know how long they have been together. They both happily answered ‘A year and two months’ with a smile on their faces. They both agreed that Eve said “I love you” first and that Eve is always in charge of the aux cord. The first meal Eve ever made Noah was pancakes and, after a game, they both just like to go home and eat. There was no hesitation when asked who the better driver was as they both answered ‘Noah’ right away. They both said the first time they saw each other was when they were in diapers, but, with a little bit of pushing, Noah admitted that he really started to like her when they went to the Liverpool pool. As we all wish summer would come with these inches of snow, I asked where they would want to go on vacation together. They both had pretty similar answers as Eve imagined a beach in Florida and Noah dreamed of the Bahamas. As most people know, Noah and Eve like their shoes… a lot… so I really made them think with a couple questions about clothes and money. When asked if each one was given $10.00, Noah said Eve would save it for the tattoo she wants, while Eve laughed that Noah would buy Almond Joys. Eve was doubtful in her answer when she said the most Noah has spent on shoes was $250.00 but she was exactly right Noah said.  They both agreed for $1,000,000 they would get each others name tattooed on themselves and that they don’t secretly hate anything their partner wears because her ‘NoNo looks good in everything’ and his ‘bb looks good in everything’. Too cute. Noah admitted that if Eve could get rid of anything of his it would probably be some of his shoes but she claims she loves them all. Eve’s favorite Holiday they have spent together was Christmas, while Noah’s was Valentine’s Day, and this weekend they’re celebrating by going to a Fetty Wap concert.

Edit: They said the concert was amazing!


by: Lyssa Foreman

Krista and Ben 💙

FullSizeRender1_2Krista Wentz and Ben Strawser have been together for 11 months and it will be 1 year in two weeks! How time flies. It all began with them seeing each other in the hallway, walking to classes together and then hanging out regularly. Eventually, their first date was to see “The Spongebob Movie” because nothing else good was showing that day. ‘Big Spoon’ said his favorite thing about Krista is when she makes him laugh, and ‘Honey’ said her favorite thing about Ben is his smile and sense of humor. If they got a pet together, Ben says it would be an English Bulldog, while Krista says it would be a pug they name Morty. If they described their relationship in a candy, their answers varied. Krista said they would be a Milky Way because, even though they get into sticky situations, they are always sweet to each other. Ben says they would be Jolly Ranchers because they’re always happy. They also varied on their definitions of love. Krista says it is being 100% comfortable with aperson, supporting one another, and putting their happiness before their own. Ben said love is two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. Their favorite date they’ve gone on was to the drive-in while everyone else was attending prom, and for Valentine’s Day they plan to go to the movies to see “Deadpool” then go home and watch “Rick and Morty”.

by: Lyssa Foreman

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