Prom Dresses 2017

By: Maggie Campbell

The 2017 Prom Season is approaching quickly. If you haven’t gotten your prom dress yet here are the trends of 2017 and some ideas.

Some trends appear in the blink of an eye, some stay constant, and others reappear after a while. Bling has always been a statement at proms and still is. Crop prom dresses were also very popular last year and still are. Illusion prom dresses with mesh can always be seen at every prom.

The new trends for this year are blues, ball gowns, velvet, and lots of floral, including embroidery.

prom dresses for Spring 2017


Innocent or guilty?

By: Maggie Campbell

After listening to an entire season of “Serial,” a podcast that examines criminal cases, the junior and senior classes held a ‘mock’ trial as their english final. The groups split up and created their cases on whether or not Adnan Syed is guilty. In class everyone explained why they are correct in believing he is innocent or not.

Even though no one knows for sure whether or not Adnan killed his ex-girlfriend, Hae Minh Lee, Adnan is still in jail for her murder.  After 15 years, Sarah Koenig, the podcast narrator, started examining the case. After 12 episodes and many points of evidence, everyone chose their sides.

Below are some pictures from the period 4, junior class .

Ryan Smith and Trent Hess presenting their case as prosecution.
Bethany Comp presenting her side as the defense.
Austin Gish and Rachel Lauver presenting as defense.
The period 4, junior class after presenting their cases.

Class of 2016 and GHS memories

By: Maggie Campbell

Graduation is around the corner so that means saying goodbye to Greenwood for the seniors. Some may rejoice in that fact, others may miss Greenwood and everything about it. As one of the articles in our focus on the graduating class, I wanted to see what some of their favorite memories at Greenwood High School was. Some people had to think long and hard, others said one right off the bat, and others changed their memory.

Libby Baker-Mikesell said that the early mornings and late nights in the Ag rooms were her favorite.

Kate VanHorn said that midnight Les Miserables hangouts with the rocket team at Nationals were her favorite.

Kelsey Keener said field hockey season and study halls in Mr. Sheaffer’s room.

Hannah Bryner said FFA trips.

Austin Morder quickly said “when Miss Burton officially announced that we didn’t have to do the research project anymore” but then changed it to when his Ag issues team won states at the Farm Show.

Sammie Strong said forming relationships with amazing people through extracurricular activities like marching band and FFA.

Harlie Strohm said her Vet Science class junior year, Rachael and her painted their hands with blue and pink glue.

Zak Range said his ag classes.


Every time I asked one of them, they were taken aback a little bit. It was like they just realized for the first time that they would no longer be making memories in GHS.

But here’s to great things, to the life ahead of you, and may you succeed in what you do!


A graduation cap to symbolize the end of an era. (Photo: Google Images)

Prom recap 2k16

By: Maggie Campbell

(All photos taken from Candid Laughter Photography)

Greenwood’s Senior and Junior Prom was held on April 30th at Felicita Resort. The girls zipped up their dresses, did their makeup, got their nails done, put on their shoes and were ready to go. The boys tied their tie or bowtie, buttoned their shirt, buttoned their vest and coat, tied their shoes and were ready to go.

After posing for pictures, people began pouring into the building. The theme this year was Midnight in the Garden and a lot of people matched that theme with light, pastel colors. Everyone took their seats, took more pictures with other people, and waited for supper to begin.

Dinner was served at 7 p.m. buffet style. There was salad, stuffed chicken breast, fettuccini alfredo, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, bread, drinks, and deserts. Deserts included vanilla twists, mini-pies, mini-cheesecakes, cupcakes, and whoopie pies. The food was delicious and seemed to fill everyone up.

The dancing began at 8 p.m. and everyone headed out to the dance floor. Though the dance floor was small and everyone was so close it was hot, everyone had fun. The DJ was amazing and knew exactly what kind of music to play. He could tell if we were into a song or not and play a new song or let the song play through.

Below are some pictures taken by Lyssa Foreman on the dance floor and are featured on Candid Laughter Photography’s Instagram page: pfoutz.

Maddy Pyle and Seth Ferguson dancing the night away.
Morgan Markle and Zach Hunker slow dancing.
Eli Goodling sitting down for a water break.
Mallory Fortenbaugh, Laura Sheaffer, and Cody Hinterliter pausing for a picture.
Everyone with their hands up, dancing away.
Maddy Wise posing for a quick picture.
Olivia Kuhns caught mid-laugh.

The king and queen and prince and princess were chosen in the middle of the dancing. Danny Yetter and Rachel Yourth took the king and queen titles, while Jaret Stroup and Libby Korber took the prince and princess titles.


They celebrated their royalty by dancing the night away. The dance officially ended at 11 p.m. and a lot of people stayed right up until the end. No one cared by the end of the night who looked better, who had the prettiest dress, what kind of drama happened, who danced with who, or who won the crown. All that mattered was that everyone enjoyed themselves and they did.


Prom 2k16, you were great. Here’s to another great prom next year!

Picture perfect

By: Maggie Campbell

(All photos taken from Pinterest)

Prom is less than one week away and that means lots and lots of picture taking. Everyone wants some good photos with their friends and their date. I made it my mission to search the Internet for different posing options for prom pictures. There are all kinds of pictures, ranging from athletes, best friends, funny, romantic, cute, candids, to groups.

So pick your favorite ones and recreate them! Tweet them at @ThePawPrintGHS so we can see them.

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The art of binging

By: Maggie Campbell

Netflix likes to make sure you're still watching. (Photo: Google Images)
Netflix likes to make sure you’re still watching. (Photo: Google Images)

A binge is defined as a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.; spree-or in this case watching season after season of a TV show on Netflix. (

The word binge originated around 1880 but has become a popular past time in today’s society.  With so many available ways to watch a continuous loop of episodes from a TV show, people have been indulging. Students on summer break are able to go through an entire TV show, or more, on Netflix simply because they are bored. The million-dollar question after you finish a show, though, is: What should I watch next?

After a survey of 37 people with a list of 9 TV shows on Netflix with the option of other, here is what they believe to be the most binge-worthy.


Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt                                  2.70%

Fuller House                                                                  5.41%

Friends                                                                            18.92%

Parks and Recreation                                                   5.41%

Supernatural                                                                  0.00%

Orange is the New Black                                              2.70%

Glee                                                                                  2.70%

Criminal Minds                                                             13.51%

Greys Anatomy                                                             21.62%


The Office                                                                 2.70%

Gossip Girl                                                               2.70%

American Horror Story                                         5.41%

Walking Dead                                                         5.41%

How I Met Your Mother                                       2.70%

Bob’s Burgers                                                          5.41%

Pretty Little Liars                                                   2.70%


Whatever you choose, make sure it will suit you. Binge watching is an art and can easily make you become a lazy person for a little while.


What’s the most binge-worthy Netflix show?



2k16 Mini-THON spirit week

By: Maggie Campbell

The preparation for Greenwood High School’s first ever Mini-THON was on! Mini-THON was held on April 1, 2016 with its Spirit Week running from the 28th of March to the 1st of April.

Spirit Week is a tradition held in schools all over the United States in order to raise enthusiasm, spirit, and support for a specific event. Each day of the week consists of a certain theme, all leading up to the big day.

Monday for Mini-THON Spirit Week was “Wear Yellow” for childhood cancer awareness. The halls were painted yellow as students and teachers wore yellow clothing and the yellow childhood cancer ribbon bandanas Mini-THON sold.

Tuesday was “Twin Day.” Some people kept it simple with just wearing the same color or shirt; others went all out and were famous twins. For example, Jesse Sheaffer and Ashton Kline were Annie James and Hallie Parker from the movie, The Parent Trap.

Kelsey Sheaffer and Cheyenne Degiglio on Twin Day (Photo: Cheyenne Degiglio)
Patin Wirth and Montana Farner on Twin Day. (Photo: Paityn Wirth)
Brooke Rumberger and Chase Stalvey who accidentally twinned on Twin Day. (Photo: Brooke Rumberger)
Sydney Hicks and Morgan Burkepile as softball players on Twin Day. (Photo: Morgan Burkepile)
jesse and ashton twins
Jesse Sheaffer and Ashton Kline on Twin Day as the twins from the movie, The Parent Trap. (Photo: Jesse Sheaffer)

Wednesday was “Wacky Wednesday.” Wear mismatch, crazy colors, plaid and stripes, crocs, crazy anything!

Jesse Sheaffer, Maggie Campbell, Marie Barnard, Abby Potter, and Sammie Strong on Wacky Wednesday. (Photo: Maggie Campbell)

Thursday was “Country vs. City Slicker” which was very interesting to see in the hallways.

vs. picture
Mrs. Pedrick’s Spanish 3 class sporting country and city. (Photo: Maggie Campbell)

And then came Friday!

Friday was the final day of the week and the day that counted the most. Friday was Mini-THON day. Everyone wore their Mini-THON t-shirts. The committee wore their committee t-shirts and everyone else wore the Mini-THON t-shirts. The halls were painted orange and blue.

Friday was also the day of the THON Pep Rally. During last period, 7th-12th grade gathered in the gym to hear one of our THON families speak and to get pumped up for Mini-THON! There was a Spirit Stick Challenge, wherever the grade that could scream the loudest won, in which the Junior class won.

junior pep rally
The Junior class after winning the THON Spirit Stick. (Photo: Jacob MacDonald)

Unfortunately, the Seniors were dismissed before we were able to take a picture of them.

Sophomore pep rally
The Sophomore class at the Pep Rally. (Photo: Jacob MacDonald)
freshman pep rally
The Freshman class at the Pep Rally. (Photo: Jacob MacDonald)
8th pep rally
The 8th grade class at the Pep Rally. (Photo: Jacob MacDonald)
7th pep rally
The 7th grade class at the Pep Rally. (Photo: Jacob MacDonald)
throw the diamonds
Mrs. Pedrick, Jesse Sheaffer, Molly Guarantee, and Maggie Campbell holding up their diamonds at the THON Pep Rally. (Photo: Jacob MacDonald)

Spring craft show 2016

By: Maggie Campbell

On March 12, 2016 the annual Spring Craft Show was held at Greenwood Elementary School. Many vendors sold their goods out of stands to the public. GHS Mini-THON also had a stand where they canned and passed out cards for their Community Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt on March 19.

Vendors sold kettle corn, scrunchies, wool socks and gloves, jewelry, trinkets, wooden objects, decorations, soaps and lotions, clothing, furniture, candies, and pottery.

There was also food being sold out of the kitchen. Foods included whoopie pies, donuts, chips, hot dogs, coffee, egg muffin sandwiches, beef BBQ, cookies, pies and cakes, fudge, chicken salad sandwiches, sodas, and Italian subs.

Vendors selling their wares to the public. (Photo: Maggie Campbell)
Some of the food being sold at the Spring Craft Show. (Photo: Maggie Campbell)
Jesse Sheaffer, Tyus Yeingst, and Marie Barnard canning and handing out cards for Mini-THON. (Photo: Maggie Campbell)

THON takes Texas Roadhouse

By: Maggie Campbell


On March 7, GHS Mini-THON held a night at Texas Roadhouse in Selinsgrove where 10% of your meal went to our fundraise for Four Diamonds.  They also held a bake sale. From donations and selling baked goods alone, they were able to raise about $200.


Thank you to Texas Roadhouse for helping GHS Mini-THON out with the 10% meal plan! We greatly appreciate it!

Sammie Strong, Miranda Fawner, and Maggie Campbell as the first shift for the GHS bake sale at Texas Roadhouse.  (Photo: Sara Pedrick)

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