Does this thing really work?: spray paint nail polish


“Nailing a manicure no longer requires precision. The revolutionary Paint Can is the fastest way to get perfectly polished nails. This new and never seen before technique applies polish evenly and efficiently – no steady hand required.” the website states.

When I ordered this product online to try it cost about $12.00 for the can and $8.00 for the 2-in-1 base/top coat. This is without shipping however.

First, (as the pictures indicate above), I put on one coat of the provided 2-in-1 base/top coat and in the meantime shook the polish can as you would spray paint. Next, I sprayed the polish onto my nails from about 6 inches away, let it dry for a while, and put on the top coat. I let that dry *completely* like the directions say and then dunked my hands in a bowl of warm soapy water and the surrounding polish came right off.

I will tell you that when you’re using the polish spray it smells VERY strongly. There is no mistaking that you are using nail polish and you should definitely keep a window open or a fan on as to air out the room as your doing it. Other than that I don’t really have any negative feelings toward this product. $12.00 is a little steep for nail polish in my opinion, but to try something knew I guess it’s okay. I am hoping that I get as much use if not more out of this can than I would a regular $4-$9 bottle of polish. It didn’t effect the polish on my nails whatsoever when cleaning the polish off of my skin and that was definitely a plus. I have got to mention that this is probably the fastest drying polish that I have ever used.

So, would I recommend this product? Definitely, yes. It is a fast and easy way to paint your nails and get going. It’s easy clean up and the paint job is quality.



by: lyssa foreman

Innocent or guilty?

By: Maggie Campbell

After listening to an entire season of “Serial,” a podcast that examines criminal cases, the junior and senior classes held a ‘mock’ trial as their english final. The groups split up and created their cases on whether or not Adnan Syed is guilty. In class everyone explained why they are correct in believing he is innocent or not.

Even though no one knows for sure whether or not Adnan killed his ex-girlfriend, Hae Minh Lee, Adnan is still in jail for her murder.  After 15 years, Sarah Koenig, the podcast narrator, started examining the case. After 12 episodes and many points of evidence, everyone chose their sides.

Below are some pictures from the period 4, junior class .


Ryan Smith and Trent Hess presenting their case as prosecution.


Bethany Comp presenting her side as the defense.


Austin Gish and Rachel Lauver presenting as defense.


The period 4, junior class after presenting their cases.

Class of 2016 and GHS memories

By: Maggie Campbell

Graduation is around the corner so that means saying goodbye to Greenwood for the seniors. Some may rejoice in that fact, others may miss Greenwood and everything about it. As one of the articles in our focus on the graduating class, I wanted to see what some of their favorite memories at Greenwood High School was. Some people had to think long and hard, others said one right off the bat, and others changed their memory.

Libby Baker-Mikesell said that the early mornings and late nights in the Ag rooms were her favorite.

Kate VanHorn said that midnight Les Miserables hangouts with the rocket team at Nationals were her favorite.

Kelsey Keener said field hockey season and study halls in Mr. Sheaffer’s room.

Hannah Bryner said FFA trips.

Austin Morder quickly said “when Miss Burton officially announced that we didn’t have to do the research project anymore” but then changed it to when his Ag issues team won states at the Farm Show.

Sammie Strong said forming relationships with amazing people through extracurricular activities like marching band and FFA.

Harlie Strohm said her Vet Science class junior year, Rachael and her painted their hands with blue and pink glue.

Zak Range said his ag classes.


Every time I asked one of them, they were taken aback a little bit. It was like they just realized for the first time that they would no longer be making memories in GHS.

But here’s to great things, to the life ahead of you, and may you succeed in what you do!



A graduation cap to symbolize the end of an era. (Photo: Google Images)

End of the year

Well it’s that time of year again and no I don’t mean Christmas. It’s time for summer. Also known as a three month holiday in which kids of all ages can wake every morning without saying “Darn I forgot to do my homework.” Instead they can say things like “Mom can we go to the pool today,” or “I’m so happy to be at the beach right now.” They are now free to spend weekdays playing outside in the summer sun while sipping lemonade and listening  to the sounds of birds chirping and waves crashing. In all honesty though school is the

Image result for beach

   Beaches of summer

reason for all this excitement. Sitting in class all day staring at the same old books that you’ve read a thousand times before. All that boredom is now changed into the excitement of the long awaited freedom.

As we go through the final week of school let us not forget to thank the teachers for their hard work and time that they put into educating us. It is because of them that we are able to understand more about the world and ourselves. Let us also not forget about our friends who stood by us during this year and helped us when times were tough. Last but certainly not least let us not forget the other staff members of our school who helped keep everything neat and orderly so that we had a clean area to work during this past year.

Thank you to everyone for a great year and remember to have fun but be safe this summer.

Picture from Google Images

By: Michael Gothel

The senior schedule begins!


Seniors just received their caps and gowns. One trend sweeping colleges is the decoration of graduation mortar boards. (Photo from Google)


By: Libby Baker-Mikesell


Almost eight months have passed since the first day of school. Close to 180 days. The end of the 2015-2016 is almost here. Between now and graduation on June 3, the schedule for seniors is crazy. Between graduation practices, class night, and the senior trip, the schedule can seem overwhelming. For the confused senior, here is a list of upcoming events:


May 25- Vo-Tech Graduation at the forum

May 24-26-Finals

May 27-Finals Make Up Day

May 31-Class night and last day for seniors (practice beginning at 1:10 PM in the auditorium)

June 1- Graduation pictures at 9:00, Practice around 10:00

June 2- Senior Class Trip to Washington, D.C., bus leaves at 6 AM

June 3-Graduation Practice at 10:00 AM, Seniors arrive at Graduation at 6:00 PM


Although the next week and a half seems jam-packed with activities, graduation will be over with before we know it. Best of luck to all graduating seniors! May success follow you wherever you go.

Favorite Teacher 

Favorite Teacher
Here at Greenwood our students and teachers are able to build solid relationships. We have so many greatly appreciated teachers who make coming to school not so much of a “have to” compared to a “want to”. School still is school and of course means is sometimes unenjoyable, but we as a student body are grateful to have the teachers who help make it a little more bearable.

I asked a large group of students at random if they would tell me who their favorite teacher was and why. These are the answers I received as a result.
My favorite teacher is Mrs. Novinger because she is super chill and we are always having fun in her class. She gives us lots of things to do such as labs.
Mr. Tomko because of his sense of humor.
Probably Mr. Tomko because he says the funniest things.
Mr. Folk, because he never makes class boring. He is always trying to brighten up the day with his humorous attitude.
Probably Mrs. Peterson and Miss Burton Because they make their lessons real and applicable to real life.
Mr. Tomko he’s Hilarious! Sweet and accepting of people and gives you chances when you know you’ve run out of them.
Mrs. Pedrick because she’s funny and down to earth and the nicest teacher I’ve ever had.
Mrs. Fry because she was fun but I still learned well from her.

Mrs. Jones because she is always there for me, she always has an open ear and is willing to listen.
Mr. Tomko because he is funny we get along great story teller does fun things in the school and he is like a good friend.
Mr. Tomko for never giving up on me and teaching me how to believe in myself.
Mr. Clark because he taught me to be kind and to always follow my passion no matter where it leads me.
Honestly I don’t have one

They have all helped me so much and worked with me so much that I really do not have one.
Tomko and because he makes the lessons fun and is down to earth with the students.
Mr. Clark because I have had more classes with him. He’s treated me like a daughter and shared so much wisdom throughout my high school career. I can never r express how grateful I am to have had him in my life.
Mrs. Pedrick. she’s really friendly and understandable.
Well I’d personally have to say Mr. McCoy because he keeps the attention of the class and focuses on making sure that everyone understands what is going on without making anyone feel embarrassed for not understanding a topic.
Okay well I’ll have to go with Mr. Clark because he goes out of his way to make you feel included and special. he always has something fun going on and his classes are never boring.
Mr. Johnson. Only ever struck me out once in wiffle ball.
Mr. Clark because he’s the man.
My favorite teacher is Miss Burton because she is such a awesome down to earth person who I aspire to be in life a fashionable, real, intelligent person.
Mrs. Nastasi because she’s the only teacher I have that still can teach good and have a good sense of humor.
Mr. Clark because he is the most nice guy
One of my favorite teachers is Mrs. Guarante because she is easy to talk to and always very kind. She is also always willing to provide help to me even when I don’t have her as a teacher. She is very funny and a great coach!
Mr. Weger because he doesn’t shy back from being himself but still teaches his students amazingly and had fun while doing it
Mr.Clark because he is always there and gives should advice! He truly care for each student he has.

Miss Burton because she tells the truth even if you don’t want to hear it.
Mr. Tomko because he’s always very helpful and makes sure every student understands the concept we are learning!!
Mr. Clark because he has a great sense of humor.
My favorite teacher is Mr. Tomko because he’s really understanding and helps you a ton if you need it.
Miss Burton because she doesn’t treat us like little kids and she always tries to make what she’s teaching relatable.
Mr. McCoy because he makes sure you understand the content and he puts a lot of effort into teaching us.
My favorite teacher is miss burton because of all of the funny stories she tells us.

Mr. Clark because he doesn’t give up on his students.
Miss Burton because she’s real and down to earth.
Mrs. Peterson because she is kind, understanding, funny, encouraging, informative, supportive and always willing to have a conversation.
Miss Burton because she is a funny teacher but stands strong and doesn’t let students change deadlines and tests. She teaches you to get ready for the real world. Also, she is always willing to discuss work, life, etc. With you.
Mr. Clark because he understands how to teach me and is like an older brother. He’s pushed me to succeed.
Mrs. Pontius because she is fun, kind, and compassionate. She really reaches out to her students to engage them into the class topics and get them involved in FFA or the Agriculture Industry. She’s understanding and “teaches instead of preaching.” Without Ms. Pontius, I don’t believe I would have found my niche in high school.
Mrs. Kahl because she was a big supporter of me in and out of school. She pushed me to be my best and she saw to it that I was.
Mr. McCoy because he is a great teacher and presents material in an easy to understand in helpful ways.
Mr. Clark because he is always in a good mood, always gets your attention by his obnoxious teaching style, and he always makes you smile.
Mr. Clark because he teaches the most interesting classes in my opinion and his teaching style always makes everyone enjoy the class and learn the material.

Mr. Clark because he is always involved with his students and tries to put everyone in a more positive mood.
Mr. Statler because he lets you work on whatever we want and his class is really fun.
Miss Burton because she can teach well get her point across but can still lighten the mood and have fun. Also she didn’t make us do the research project.
Mr. McCoy because he explains everything with detail and I learn very well from him. He’s really cool!
Mr. Clark because not only does he teach very well, but he is as concerned about his students academic success, as he is about their personal success.
Mr. Clark because he always finds a way to make my day better/happy.
Mr. Watts because he has a good sense of humor and he also keeps his class organized and in order.
All of the teachers here at Greenwood help to make our learning environment one we take joy in. With only asking the few students here everyone had a hard time choosing just one teacher who was their favorite. This in itself shows how much we all appreciate the teaching staff. This information concluded that being real, relatable and able to teach with details in an appealing way is what is most attractive to the students here at Greenwood.

A picture of our appreciation.

Teacher appreciation by: Madison A. Wise

What to wear to graduation

The end of the 2015-2016 school year is quickly approaching, and with it, a lineup of graduation ceremonies. Thankfully, Greenwood’s doesn’t take much longer than an hour and a half, but of course, you still want to look your best. Whether you are the family member, friend, or graduate, I have an outfit arranged for each. Read on for fashion tips for the big day! All items found at

Outfit 1: Family Memberarticle1

Assuming you want to look amazing in pictures with your high school graduate, I have found a great striped midi dress, made of the most forgiving, comfortable material: jersey. For only $23 this dress will feel like you’re wearing sweatpants as you sit through the speeches at graduation. Pair it with a pair of sandal wedges and a sweater in case it’s chilly and you’ll be the epitome of comfortable style, or as my friend likes to say, “casually-better-than-you.”



Outfit 2: Friend



This $17 romper is perfect for not only graduation, but the summer break to follow. While conservative in the front, the back is low, making it a great statement piece without having to worry about a skirt. It’s one-piece, so it’s easy to grab and put on with a pair of booties or Converse – your choice – with a killer necklace.



Outfit 3: Graduatearticle3

It’s your time to shine, girl, so I got you a classy maxi dress for $24. You will look back on this with fond memories, not “I wore WHAT?” Swap out the lace-up sandals for a pair of nude heels and you are set to receive that diploma with confidence. You deserve to turn heads, not only with your outer beauty, but with your intelligence and hard work.

Enjoy the big day, no matter who you are or what you wear. Let friends and family know how much they mean to you before you’re off to college, and don’t forget to take pictures to:

  1. Show off your killer outfit
  2. Preserve those memories forever

By: Lily Myers