Festive talk with Grant


It’s officially December and that means Christmas. Did you guys know that only 5% of Americans don’t celebrate any December holiday? I’d personally have to see it to believe it, because I doubt that there’s even a single person in America that doesn’t celebrate a December holiday. There’s plenty of holidays in December. You got Boxing Day, Hanukkah, and plenty of others. But let’s talk more about Christmas, the holiday that everybody waits for at the end of the year.

December 25th is when Christmas, or commonly shortened to Xmas, is celebrated worldwide. Plenty of Christians know it as Jesus’ birthday. People exchange gifts, decorate their house and a tree, spend time with friends, or just watch Christmas movies. Personally, I like to hang out with my friends and family, but we all have our choices. Maybe you guys like to spend time watching movies or toying around with your new gifts? If they go out of fashion quickly, you could always give them to your future kids.

This year, I bet that there’s at least one person reading this has gotten some sort of electronic for Christmas. That’s just all the buzz now today, people wanting the newest tech. I’d rather just get my own gifts, but asking for money just sounds greedy, right? Anyway, sales go nuts around this time and you wouldn’t believe how high these deals go for around the time. You might find a TV with a 100% off tag if you got lucky. There’s only a very slim chance of that happening but there’s still a chance.


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